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virtual healthcare

How Automation Makes Patient Care More Personal and Efficient

Get results by adding IVAs and automation to your patient communication strategy. Five9 makes it easy with our low-code IVA builder, which includes a library pre-configured healthcare tasks for booking appointments, test results, prescription management and more.
Move to the cloud

Time to Lift Off from On-Premises and Move to the Cloud

It’s time to leave the old legacy system, stop fearing change and move to the cloud for happier customers, employees and ROI
mother and daughter shopping

How Five9 wins with Sandler

Learn from our retail case study how our strong partnership with Sandler Partners has helped us continue to win in the enterprise space.
IT department

Get Results: Say Goodbye to Bad IT Helpdesk Experiences

Five9 Workflow Automation helps deliver simple and effective IT Support.
Contact center woman on headset

How a Cloud Contact Center Can Elevate Healthcare

Improve your healthcare patient experience and streamline business operations by implementing a cloud contact center from Five9.
hand on keyboard dark lighting

Enhancing Customer Engagement Through Technology

Improve your customer engagement implementing updated technology.
man in plaid shirt at laptop

Five9 Knows Agent Assist

Using Five9 Agent Assist provides agents with a helping hand to make their jobs easier. Check out how Agent Assist and other AI tools can help improve you customer's journey.
women mobile shopping

How Retailers Can Use Customer Experience to Stay Competitive

With rising customer expectations, it is important to have an up-to-date contact center to ensure customer satisfaction and employee engagement.
Doctor listening to a patient's heart

Turning the Healthcare Frown Upside-Down

Thomas John explains how today’s cloud contact centre AI technology can help the Healthservice overcome its challenges.
Working together with AI

How Collaborative Intelligence Creates New Roles for Agents

As AI and humans work together to improve the customer experience, new, exciting roles are emerging for contact center workers.
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