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Call Center Performance

Standard Call Center Metrics

There are many standard traffic measurements (performance metrics) that can be performed on a call center to determine its performance levels. However, the most important performance measures are:

2013 Contact Center Report

Today’s modern consumers have incredibly high customer service expectations. And, if those expectations are not met, consumers not only stop doing business with a company, they become enraged and retaliate.


3 Businesses That Said Goodbye to Their Legacy Solutions

It’s the first day of spring and that means it’s time to do spring cleaning. One of the things you probably want to look at first is your contact center. Of the 15.8 million contact center agents around the world, 90% of these agents are operating on legacy, premise-based solutions.

3 Pillars of the Modern Customer Experience

Consumer expectations keep evolving. Imagine how you handled a customer service issue 10 years ago versus what you would do today.

3 Reasons Why Customers Choose Five9, In Their Words

It starts with a vision. For Five9 our vision is “great customer experiences every time.” Every day our employees around the world focus on this vision and every action is based on our customers.

3 Ways to Show Your Agents Some Love on Valentine's Day

Contact center agents need to be shown some love, and Valentine's Day seems like a perfect day to start giving them the right tools they need to deliver great customer experiences.

4 Ways Cloud Technology Helps Contact Centers Leverage Quality Talent, Anywhere

When it comes to staffing with remote agents, your contact center infrastructure can be enabling--or limiting. Cloud solutions are the obvious choice for contact centers that want to leverage the best talent, no matter where it's to be found.

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