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Monitor and Manage the Metrics that Matter to Your Success

Contact centers have a wealth of information on operational execution and customer behaviors. That huge amount of data is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing that powerful insights can be distilled out of the data. It’s a curse that there’s so much data it’s like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

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How Five9 wins with Sandler

Learn from our retail case study how our strong partnership with Sandler Partners has helped us continue to win in the enterprise space.
Doctor listening to a patient's heart

Turning the Healthcare Frown Upside-Down

Thomas John explains how today’s cloud contact centre AI technology can help the Healthservice overcome its challenges.

REAL Tip – Using Bulk Updates to Overcome Onboarding Challenges

Find out more about how Five9s APIs, or processes like bulk uploads can help your business overcome onboarding challenges.

CX Summit Spotlight: Five9 Knows Workforce Optimization

Five9 WFO, which will be a hot topic at our upcoming CX Summit, allows for easy staffing forecasts and an adaptable platform to avoid the stress of spreadsheets.
Remote contact center agent

How Enterprises use Gamification and Performance Management to Drive Success

Learn how large enterprises use Five9 Gamification and Five9 Performance Management to drive success.

 ServiceNow and Five9: Starting with the End in Mind

Ray Kenny, Director Technology Alliances EMEA, discusses departmental workflows and how to automate them.
happy employee at desk

How to Create a Better Customer Experience through Employee Focus

Nick Glimsdahl, Director of Contact Center Solutions at VDS, joins Genefa Murphy to discuss his new book and all the reasons why the employee experience should be your main area of focus for a better customer experience.
doctor speaking on the phone

Empowering Patients and Workers in the Next Era of Healthcare

As we emerge from the pandemic, a new empowered workforce has emerged with new supporting technologies to help drive success and enable operational excellence.
Happy and productive contact center agent

Adapting Agent Engagement to Survive the Great Resignation

Companies, specifically Contact Centers, can increase employee engagement through performance management and gamification.
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