Is Your Network Ready?

Verify that your Network is ready to support the rollout of your Five9 Contact Center solution.

Perform this test during a period of normal network activity so we can accurately measure the bandwidth available for Five9 applications.

Download the Test

Step-By-Step Guide:

  1. Please disable the WiFi connection on your computer and plug an ethernet cable into your network before running the test below.
  2. Click Five9 WinSAT to download the Five9's latest connectivity assessment tool.
  3. After the application is downloaded. Open the application and enter the following:
    *Refer to the email we have sent for the Client Name and Test Code. If you have not received an email, use the following as default:
    Client Name: <YourCompanyNameNoSpace_Address>
    Test Code:
    CAT_US for offices in the US
    CAT_UK for offices in the UK
  4. Click “OK” to start the test. This tool will conduct series of tests with a duration dependent to your connection quality.
  5. After the test has been complete the application will automatically close.

For our complete technical requirements including network and security settings please click here to view the guide.

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