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Last updated December 15, 2023

1. Which Five9 products include AI features?

  • Agent Assist
  • AI Insights
  • AI Model Manager
  • Interaction Analytics
  • IVA*
  • Workflow Automation*
  • Web Chat – Language Translation*

* Contains AI features if enabled by customer

2. What do you mean when you refer to “AI Models”?

Five9 uses several third-party AI Models (software) in our products: speech to text from Google and Deepgram, text to speech from Google, Lumenvox, and WellSaid Labs, natural language processing from Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson, and Amazon, automatic speech recognition from Lumenvox, sentiment analysis from IBM Watson, GPT-based models from OpenAI via Microsoft Azure, and more. We refer to these as “AI Models.” These models are developed and owned by the respective third parties.

3. What are fine-tuned AI Models? And how can Five9 assist?

Some of these third-party AI Models allow for fine tuning and configuration based on customer needs. For example, Google Dialogflow requires the configuration of intents and entities (i.e., data fields in the request), along with training phrases, to produce a usable model for consumption by the customer. Google speech to text can similarly be configured with example phrases (called phrase hints) to improve its output.

Five9 can assist with the configuration used in the customization of an AI Model for a specific customer use case. We refer to these configured models as “fine-tuned models” and the process by which Five9 creates them as “fine tuning.” These fine-tuned models are used only for the customer for whom they are fine-tuned. The data used for fine tuning is provided by Five9 or the customer and is owned by the customer. It is not used to customize or train other AI systems not owned by the customer. Should the customer leave Five9, we delete such fine-tuned models, along with the data used to fine-tune them.

4. How does Five9 fine-tune AI Models?

Five9 uses data from customers (e.g., call and chat transcripts) to derive the information needed to fine-tune the model (e.g., intents and training phrases, entity definitions, and speech recognition phrase hints). Five9 may also create the data needed to fine-tune the model, such as training phrases we think are likely to work well. We also use call and chat transcripts from the customer to evaluate the performance of the fine-tuned model once created, and we iterate on it to improve accuracy through the implementation process. We do this only when the customer consents for us to do so on their behalf through a professional services contract that the customer signs with us.

5. Who can view stored fine-tuning data for AI Models?

Access to such data stored on our systems is limited to authorized employees that require access for engineering support and legal compliance.

6. Does Five9 train any other models on customer data?

If a customer agrees in writing to allow us to use customer data to improve our products and services, we may use customer data (e.g., a transcript of a call and its associated summary produced by an LLM) to help us optimize prompts for LLMs (prompt engineering), tune non-AI algorithms (e.g., clustering), and test the accuracy of third-party AI Models.

7. How does Five9 ensure data security?

Five9 encrypts all data at rest and in transit and uses strict access controls to limit who can access data. Our security team has an on-call rotation that has 24/7/365 coverage and is paged in case of any potential security incident.

8. With what Information Security standards does Five9 comply?

We have implemented and maintain a formal Information Security Management System (ISMS) and are subject to both internal and independent third-party audits to ensure the effective implementation of the ISMS control framework. Our ISMS meets the following standards for information security and maintains independent certification and attestations reports:

  • ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management
  • Payment Card Industry Standard (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) 3.2
  • AICPA Service Organization Control (SOC 2) Type 2
  • Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) / HITECH attestation

9. Can Five9 support my compliance with GDPR and other privacy laws?

Yes, in support of customers’ compliance with GDPR and other privacy laws, our customer data handling practices can be found in both our Global Data Processing Addendum and US-Canada Data Processing Addendum.

10. Can Five9’s AI products be used with protected health information (PHI)?

We can sign Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) in support of customers’ compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Customers should  reach out to our sales team if a BAA is required. Please visit here for more details.