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Data Retention Policies

Five9 Data Retention Policies

Data Retention: 

Due to the storage demands on the VCC Service, Five9 retains the right to periodically purge Customer data from Five9 owned servers, to maximize system performance for all customers. If this data is important to Customer, Customer should take action to download and maintain this information on its premises. Depending on the data type, additional storage by Five9 may be available for an additional fee. Customer should contact a Five9 sales representative for more information about data storage.


Please refer to the following table for Five9’s data retention policy

Data Type

Retention Period

How to Download

Contact Data120 days after end of contractRetrieve with Contact Data Reports
Contact Session Data120 DaysRetrieve with Contact Data Reports within 60 days. The information is provided to agents for 120 days.
Call Logs60 Days **Retrieve with Call Log Reports
Campaign State120 DaysRetrieve with ListStatus Reports
Dialing Lists120 DaysRetrieve with Lists/Export
Agent Data60 daysRetrieve with Agent Reports
VCC Audio RecordingsSooner of: 30 Days or successful offload via SFTP*/FTP or per ContractSFTP* and FTP
Outbound Callbacks, web, queue, reminder, scheduled120 Days after "Complete By Date"Export in Administrator
Omnichannel Email**** and Customer Chat60 days ***SFTP* and FTP
Omnichannel Email**** Attachments60 daysn/a
Omnichannel Social60 daysn/a
Disabled Domains120 Days after Account Closure or Suspensionn/a
DIDs/TFNs90 days after Account closure or Suspensionn/a
E911 Call Recordings 30 days n/a
IVA Studio Datastore used for logging 30 days Export from Studio GUI or API
IVA Studio Datastore used for application configuration IndefiniteExport from Studio GUI or API
IVA Studio System Log 30 days Export from Studio GUI or API

*Use of SFTP Strongly Recommended

**Except as required by state and federal law 
***60 days online search with variable retention up to 2 years 
**** Based on date e-mail stored in Five9 system