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This notice is effective as of February 1, 2023 (“Effective Date”).

This Virginia Privacy Notice ("VA Notice") supplements the information contained in our Privacy Policy and applies solely to Virginia residents.

The Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act ("CDPA") provides Virginia residents with certain rights with respect to their personal data. Pursuant to the CDPA, this VA Notice provides details regarding our handling of personal data relating to Virginia residents. This VA Notice also describes the privacy rights available to Virginia residents in relation to their personal data and how they can exercise their rights.

For purposes of this VA Notice, “personal data” refers to information that is linked or reasonably linkable to you as an identified or identifiable individual.

Unless otherwise expressly stated, all terms used in this VA Notice have the same meanings ascribed to them in our Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions about this VA Notice, please contact us at

Personal Data Collection and Use

Depending on the nature of our relationship with you, we may collect a variety of data from and about you. The “What Information Do We Collect?” section of our Privacy Policy describes in detail the categories of personal data we collect.

As described in the “How Do We Use Your Information?” section of our Privacy Policy, we collect personal data to manage the Site, conduct our business and provide you with our services, and as otherwise necessary or appropriate in connection with the fulfillment of other legitimate business purposes.

Sharing of Personal Data

As described in more detail in the “Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties” section of our Privacy Policy, we share personal data to fulfill the purposes described above. We will also share certain categories of personal data with government and public authorities and other third parties as necessary or appropriate, including when we have a legal or contractual obligation to disclose the data. Please note that Five9 does not “sell” (as defined in the CDPA) your personal data.

Targeted Advertising

As described in the “How Do We Use Your Information?” section of our Privacy Policy, we (and our partners) use cookies and other similar technologies to collect and share certain personal data that is used to display advertisements to you. The use of your personal data to display some of these advertisements to you constitutes “targeted advertising” under the CDPA. Details on how you can opt out of our use of your personal data for “targeted advertising” can be found below.

Privacy Rights and Requests

As a Virginia resident, pursuant to the CDPA, you have the right to:

  • request confirmation as to whether we are processing your personal data and request access to such personal data;
  • request that we correct inaccuracies in your personal data, taking into account the nature of the personal data and the purposes of the processing;
  • request that we delete your personal data, subject to certain exceptions;
  • request that we provide a copy of your personal data in a portable, and to the extent technically feasible, readily usable format;
  • opt out of the processing of your personal data for the purpose of “targeted advertising” (as defined in the CDPA) (where applicable);
  • opt out of the "sale" (as defined in the CDPA) of your personal data (where applicable); and
  • opt out of “profiling” in furtherance of certain decisions (where applicable).

To exercise the rights listed above, please send an email to with the subject line “VA Privacy Rights Request.”

We will not discriminate against you if you decide to exercise your rights under the CDPA.

You are not required to create an account with Five9 to exercise your rights. However, in order to protect your privacy, we may require proof of your identity before acting on your request. Where applicable, we will use the requested information for verification purposes only.

In the event that we do not take action on your request, you also have the right to appeal our decision. To appeal our decision, please send an email to with the subject line “VA Privacy Rights Request Appeal.” If you are unsatisfied with the way that we have handled your appeal, you have the right to complain to the Virginia Attorney General.