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Five9 Launches Major Release for Global Enterprises, Providing a Powerful Cloud Platform That Enables Digital Transformation

An omnichannel contact center solution designed for modern customer experiences built on a future proof architecture

 SAN RAMON, CALIF. – July 12, 2017Five9 (NASDAQ: FIVN), a leading provider of cloud software for the enterprise contact center market, today announced the availability of Summer Release 2017, the latest major release of the award winning Virtual Contact Center (VCC). This release provides a global contact center solution that meets the requirements of today’s leading multinational enterprises.


Today’s global enterprises aspire to engage with customers consistently, regardless of location or device. However, legacy systems have hampered their transformation to today’s digital world, leading to poor and inconsistent customer experience. Five9 Summer Release 2017 provides these global enterprises a complete omnichannel solution with a holistic view of their customers’ journey across all touchpoints. Enterprises can easily engage with customers anywhere in the world, intelligently distributing interactions to the right agent regardless of location. Most importantly, Five9 delivers all these capabilities on a modular microservices-based architecture, enabling enterprises to maintain the rapid pace of innovation required to compete in today’s fast-paced consumer centric world.


The Five9 Summer Release 2017 includes four key areas:



  • Modern Microservices Architecture: Five9 continues to expand its microservices architecture built on modular components communicating via REST APIs. Five9 Summer Release 2017 brings additional improvements to its existing microservices Freedom platform. This brings greater flexibility by modularizing existing applications such as voice, email, chat, social, event services, DTMF, text to speech, voice prompts, voice recording, answering machine detection, speech recognition, and customer journey analytics. This is in addition to the list of previously available modules, including app services, stream services, state management and many more. This future proof architecture meets today’s needs of large enterprises for cloud resiliency, elasticity, scalability, and pace of innovation.
  • Carrier Grade Softswitch: Five9 introduces a state-of-the-art carrier grade softswitch that dynamically selects the best call path between agent and caller and scales to support many thousands of agents.
  • Cloud Agnostic: Five9 launches new deployment options that leverage both private and public cloud, expanding availability beyond the current Five9 datacenters and accelerating future expansion based on market demand. This technology is designed to be fully cloud agnostic and includes support for a variety of public clouds, e.g. Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and others.



  • Global Voice: Five9 Global Voice enables enterprises to extend contact center voice capabilities to all parts of the globe by optimizing voice paths with in-region points of presence (PoPs). Five9 has deployed voice PoPs in Australia, Japan, China and other locations around the world. This allows enterprises to keep their calls in region, ensuring the highest voice quality, low latency and optimal cost.
  • Global Routing: Five9 extends our single global routing engine to more effectively find the right resource, anywhere in the world, to serve the customer. By keeping voice in-region, globally distributed contact centers can confidently deploy a truly worldwide operation that optimizes global agent resources that maintain the highest quality, lowest latency, and most cost effective solution.
  • Language Localization and UTF-8 support: Five9 extends the flexibility to allow businesses to run multilingual and international contact center operations within a single tenant, also increasing its ability to serve its global customers. Five9 utilizes a fully externalized string architecture that makes it easy and inexpensive to adapt new languages to the platform including double byte character support (Japanese, Chinese, etc.).


End-to-End Solution

  • Full Stack Cloud Customer Experience Solution: Five9 has led co-development initiatives with strategic CRM, UC, and WFO partners to deliver a seamlessly integrated, end-to-end cloud customer experience solution designed for leading global enterprises.
  • Salesforce Lightning Experience with Omnichannel Integration: The Five9 integration to Salesforce provides a unified omnichannel desktop designed to fully leverage and complement the Salesforce Lightning Experience. This updated integration empowers agents with valuable customer journey insights, context and history across all channels.
  • Microsoft Skype for Business Integration: Enhancements to the Five9 integration for Skype allows agents to seamlessly connect to experts outside the contact center from their familiar CRM application. Five9 provides agents with powerful collaboration features within a unified environment so businesses can be more responsive and improve customer experience.
  • Omnichannel WFO: Five9 jointly developed an end-to-end, fully integrated WFO solution, in the cloud, with market leaders Verint and Calabrio, that ensures operational efficiencies across all customer channels.


 Continuous improvement

  • In addition, we feel proud that Summer Release 2017 includes 100+ key features and enhancements that meet the needs of our customers.


“Five9 is executing on our promise and vision to deliver an end-to-end customer engagement solution. Today’s release allows us to serve large enterprises with globally distributed contact centers on a scalable cloud platform – as always with Five9, no infrastructure to deploy or manage, scale up or down, now with any language and the ability to onboard thousands of agents globally as needed. Five9 Summer Release 2017 is an answer to today’s global enterprises that need a path to digital transformation to engage with their customers on their terms. I’m extremely proud of the entire Five9 team and our strategic partners for bringing it all together with one goal in mind, amazing customer experiences, globally,” Mike Burkland, President & CEO, Five9.


“Five9 continues to address my needs in the contact center space. Their innovation and focus on the customer makes it an easy decision for us to be a Five9 customer for a long time,” said Anne Blakey, Manager of Contact Center Operations, OnDeck.


“We have customers in 112 countries, and our contact center requirements need to address our entire customer base. With this upgrade, we are very happy to continue growing our global footprint with Five9,” said Josh Kyzer, Director of Customer Experience, TSheets.


“Five9 has a long history in the cloud contact center space. With the Summer Release 2017, Five9 is delivering full support for multiple languages and global voice capabilities - that are must-haves for large enterprise contact center customers looking to move to the cloud. This major new release by Five9 positions the company to expand on its already growing base of international customers,” said Sheila McGee-Smith, Principal Analyst, McGee-Smith Analytics.


"This latest release from Five9 makes it the industry’s most scalable and future proofed cloud contact center platform. The focus on modularity, microservices and openness enables it to quickly adapt to market trends, a key to sustained market leadership in the digital era. Five9’s customers benefit now as they will realize consistent features regardless of location but will also have access to the new features faster without having to go through the pain of lengthy upgrade cycles,” Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst, ZK Research.


Summer Release 2017 will be available in Q3, 2017.

Additional information

Learn more about the Summer Release 2017, the latest in cloud-based contact center software from Five9.

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