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Join industry experts to learn how artificial intelligence with fill the emotional engagement CX Gap



How AI Will Fill the Emotional Engagement CX Gap
Neal Bartram

Neal Bartram

Chief Operating Officer
Brian Atkinson

Brian Atkinson

VP & General Manager

Digital transformation has empowered CX professionals to reduce costs and improve contact centre efficiencies; however, it is important not to lose sight on how this change impacts the human side of the customer journey.

Join Neal Bartram, COO of ICON, and Brian Atkinson, VP & GM of Five9, to discover the CX gap that almost every company is missing and how we need to redeploy AI to deliver a truly frictionless customer experience and a stronger emotional engagement with customers.  

In this 20-minute webinar, join Brian and Neal to learn:  

  • Why human customer experiences are so vital in today’s digital-first world.  

  • Ways to overcome the current challenges in the customer experience landscape. 

  • How AI can drive positive emotional engagement across the customer journey.  

  • Best practices to deliver seamless experiences and which technologies to prioritize.

On-Demand Webinar