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Join industry experts to learn how artificial intelligence with fill the emotional engagement CX Gap

On-Demand Webinar

How AI Will Fill the Emotional Engagement CX Gap
Neal Bartram

Neal Bartram

Chief Operating Officer
Brian Atkinson

Brian Atkinson

VP & General Manager

Digital transformation has empowered CX professionals to reduce costs and improve contact centre efficiencies; however, it is important not to lose sight on how this change impacts the human side of the customer journey.

Join Neal Bartram, COO of ICON, and Brian Atkinson, VP & GM of Five9, to discover the CX gap that almost every company is missing and how we need to redeploy AI to deliver a truly frictionless customer experience and a stronger emotional engagement with customers.  

In this 20-minute webinar, join Brian and Neal to learn:  

  • Why human customer experiences are so vital in today’s digital-first world.  

  • Ways to overcome the current challenges in the customer experience landscape. 

  • How AI can drive positive emotional engagement across the customer journey.  

  • Best practices to deliver seamless experiences and which technologies to prioritize.

On-Demand Webinar -