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Demo Webinar: How to Use IVAs to Streamline and Personalize Your FAQ Experience

Erin Wilson Headshot

Erin Wilson

Director, Technical Marketing
Mat Ladley

Mat Ladley

Enterprise Solution Consultant

People expect personalized, consistent, and fast answers. Static website FAQs are quickly becoming a thing of the past. According to Five9’s Customer Service Index Report, people rank phone as their #1 channel of choice for general customer service issues, but that doesn’t have to mean always connecting with a live agent.  

By leveraging intelligent virtual agents, people can quickly obtain answers to frequently asked questions on their own, freeing your agents to work on more complex issues. Five9 IVAs use intent mapping to understand and answer your customers' FAQs and can even provide proactive follow-up actions based on need. 

In this webinar, we will demonstrate three ways a single business can use the Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent to streamline conversations with:   

  • Employees: addressing questions about benefits and open enrollment  
  • Customers: going above and beyond the FAQ answer  
  • Business Partners: delivering a self-service experience on every channel 

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