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5 Steps to Improve Communications in Recruitment, Admissions & Enrollment

On-Demand Webinar

Shawn T

Shawn Tiedemann

Manager, Solution Consulting, Five9
Jeff Woodland

Jeff Woodland

Director, Product Marketing, Five9
In the dynamic landscape of Higher Education, forging meaningful connections with students is paramount. This is especially true when prospective students want to know about admissions and aide. Attend this webinar to learn how to provide fast, effortless communication when it matters most. Our webinar will include a discussion and demonstration of the following:
  1. Engage prospects from your website with chat & AI chatbots.
  2. Use SMS pre-call notifications to keep prospects alerted and engaged.
  3. Expedite Outbound dialing with automation.
  4. Improve routing of prospects to the best advisor using Conversational AI.
  5. Boost productivity during conversations with a unified desktop app and AI.

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