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Conversational AI: How Smart Is Your Virtual Agent?

Five9 Jam Session: Conversational AI - How Smart is Your Virtual Agent?

To keep up with new expectations and increased demand, more businesses are adopting virtual agents to automate routine voice and chat tasks. Whether you already have a virtual agent or you’re looking at implementing one, it is important for CX leaders to make sure their virtual agents are smart enough to meet customers’ expectations.

Join our Jam Session with Five9 subject matter experts as we show what makes Intelligent Virtual Agents far more powerful than chat bots and IVRs from previous generations and demonstrate what they can do for your business today.

In this Jam Session, you will learn:

  • What IVAs can do that traditional chat bots and IVRs can’t
  • IVA myths and misconceptions
  • Common use cases, examples, and cost benefits  
  • Live Demo of how IVAs give consumers and employees the experiences they expect

Five9 Jam Session - Conversational AI - How Smart is Your Virtual Agent?