NJ 2-1-1 Success Story -

NJ 2-1-1 is a free phone number and online database that connects New Jersey residents quickly and effectively to community resources and emergency information. It is part of a growing national model that provides 190 million Americans in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico with free information ranging from affordable housing, shelters, food assistance, employment training programs, senior services, medical insurance, and much more simply by dialing 2-1-1. The NJ 2-1-1 system was launched in 2005 and is managed by the NJ 2-1-1 Partnership, a subsidiary of the United Ways of New Jersey.

During natural disasters, the staff at NJ 2-1-1 works with government officials, voluntary organizations, and 2-1-1 centers in other areas to deliver information to affected residents and relay calls to government agencies and first responders who can help. “We have many different lines of business,” says Laura Zink Marx, executive director of the NJ 2-1-1 Partnership. “During a disaster, our challenge is balancing the volume and flow of our inbound calls, so that we’re giving the best attention to every single person.” 

NJ 2-1-1

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