Five9 Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics 365

What is It? 

The Five9 Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration is a powerful, single-pane, customer service and sales platform that enables your agents to focus on the customer experience. The combined solution improves sales efficiency and customer satisfaction while lowering costs. 

One Platform for a Seamless Experience 

The Five9 Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives your service and sales organizations the ability to interact with customers across all channels from a single environment. 

Single-Pane Agent Solution 

Your agents no longer have to switch between applications and Dynamics 365 to address customer concerns. 

Route Customer Interactions to the Right Resource – Anywhere in the World 

Five9 GeniusTM the Intelligent Cloud Contact Center has intelligent routing capabilities that give your company control over inbound interactions including calls, chat, and email. With Five9 skills-based routing, and customer information from the Five9 Dynamics integration, you can determine customer intent and route the customer to the right resource to help them continue their customer journey. 

In addition, these insights are delivered to the agent so the agent understands customer intent and can begin helping from the first moment of contact. 

Five9 Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Datasheet Screenshot

Download Datasheet: Five9 Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics 365