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Five9 Virtual Voiceover

Five9 Virtual Voice Over

Five9 Virtual Voiceover enables you to generate lifelike text-to-speech on the fly, significantly reducing the time and expense of producing high-quality voiceovers for intelligent virtual agents (IVAs). Rather than hiring voice actors to record prompts for your IVAs, Virtual Voiceover makes it easy to select from a menu of pre-packaged voice avatars to render on-demand prompts rapidly.  

Read this datasheet to learn how Five9 Virtual Voiceover: 

  • Accelerates time-to-production for creating and deploying IVA prompts 

  • Creates an exceptional customer experience with high-quality voice 

  • Achieves greater business flexibility and reduces costs 

  • Enables you to create a custom voice avatar modeled after your brand’s spokesperson 

Download the Data Sheet