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Five9 Inference Studio Voice Biometrics Solution

RingCentral Datasheet Screenshot

Improve security and customer experience with voice biometrics authentication for intelligent virtual agents.

In a world where identity fraud is rampant, protecting your customers’ data and keeping your business data intact from perpetrators is vital. Traditional methods to authenticate customers, such as PINs and passwords, fail to deliver a satisfactory customer experience and strong security measures.

Five9 Inference Studio has partnered with Auraya, a world leader in voice biometric technology, to provide biometric security for intelligent virtual agents.

Read this datasheet to learn how Five9 Inference Studio Voice Biometrics Solution:

  • Provides easy, convenient, and seamless customer verification
  • Enables more robust authentication and increases security
  • Offers real-time fraud prevention for intelligent virtual agents
  • Allows you to deploy voice biometrics technology using a pre-built task

Download the Data Sheet