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The Metrics Gap: Your CX Strategy Suffers Without Tracking These Key Metrics

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Ask most CX leaders, and they probably either have too much or too little data to help measure the success of their customer experience strategy. What’s more, they often have tools to measure customer feedback and agent performance—but they are not acting upon the analysis of that data. 

Metrigy CEO and Principal Analyst, Robin Gareiss, and Five9 Chief Marketing Officer, Genefa Murphy, will show you how to obtain and leverage the right metrics to boost customer experience and gain a competitive advantage. Backed by several studies with more than 2,000 IT, CX, and business leaders, Robin will give you real-world advice on what’s making top companies so successful. 

During this webinar, Genefa and Robin will discuss the following:

  • What are the top 5 KPIs you need to be measuring now?
  • How can you take those metrics and drive change within your organization?
  • To what extent do sales quotas play a role in the contact center, and which metrics should you focus on?
  • How can you correlate agent performance metrics with customer feedback to supercharge business success?
  • What technologies can automate and improve the process of data gathering and analysis?

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