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Intelligent CX: Deliver on the New CX Promise by Blending People & Technology


The future of CX has finally arrived, and intelligence in managing all facets of CX is a key part of it. Hardly a day goes by where creative use of AI tools such as ChatGPT don’t make headlines for the future of business and work. While technology tools such as AI play a key role, employees still play a crucial role as well. Meanwhile, changing customer needs, unpredictable and rapidly changing business conditions make it more difficult for CX leaders to deliver personalized, consistent, and effortless experiences across all channels, all devices and for all customers. Join this webinar featuring Aberdeen’s latest and groundbreaking research revealing the top technologies CX and contact center leaders plan to invest in 2023 and beyond. You’ll also learn:

  • What Strategies Best-in-Class Firms Use for Intelligent CX
  • Top 5 Technologies for Planned Adoption
  • How Leading Firms Use Technology to Empower Employees to Delight Customers

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