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Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent Savings Calculator

Use this calculator to understand how much you can save by using a team of virtual agents to handle routine service tasks.

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Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent Savings Calculator

Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent Savings Calculator

  • Select Task

  • Busy Hour Call Volume *

  • Average Handle Time

    600 Seconds
  • Estimated Number Agents

  • Fully Burdened Cost of a Live Agent


  • Labor Cost of Virtual Agent


  • List Price of a Live Agent Software Seat


  • List Cost of Virtual Agent


  • Customer Cost Using Live Agents

    $ 221,025
  • Customer Cost Using IVAs

    $ 28,350

When COVID-19 hit we needed a way to handle the massive influx of calls. Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent which uses Google CCAI allowed us to coordinate callback times, collect information, and then automatically schedule a callback. It was easy to setup quickly handling 87% of the calls without an agent being involved. In one week, it scheduled over 65,000 callbacks.


Deal with Spikes in Call Capacity

  • Handle high call volumes with virtual agents
  • Customers don’t have to wait to speak with a live agent
Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

  • Activate virtual agents to handle repetitive tasks
  • Leave more complex tasks to live agents
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Avoid Compliance Issues

  • Let IVAs gather and handle sensitive data
  • Ensure PCI and HIPAA compliance
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Reduce Average Handle Time (AHT)

  • Accurately route calls to the right resource
  • Capture customer intent and route to the right agent
Shareable Supervisor

Properly Staff Your Contact Center

  • IVAs augment agent skills to handle self-service
  • Agents have time to serve high value customers
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Reliable Digital Workforce

  • IVAs are always on and do not churn
  • Help customers 24/7 when agents are not available

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