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Leverage the Knowledge of Your Entire Organization

Five9 UC Integration offers pre-built integrations with top UC solutions – Zoom Phone and Microsoft Teams – allowing agents to identify subject matter experts throughout the enterprise and communicate with them to help answer your customers' questions. Agents can easily identify the right expert, understand their availability, and click to contact them. With experts at their fingertips, agents can improve first contact resolution and overall customer satisfaction.

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Increase First Contact Resolution and Improve Customer Experiences

Utilizing Five9 Agent-Expert Consultation and Telephony Connect capabilities accelerates the path to first contact resolution while optimizing the customer’s experience. Customers gain confidence as agents can connect to internal experts without delay using an embedded at-a-glance directory to see individual availability. Telephony Connect enables immediate, seamless call transitions across leading UC platforms.


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Help Customers the First Time They Contact You

  • Consolidated Directory

    Agents can view a consolidated directory of agents and subject matter experts in their company, identified by department, so agents can quickly find the right expert.

  • Click-to-Call Collaboration

    Real-time view to the presence and availability of experts through an "at-a-glance" directory plus simple click-to-call, conference, or transfer the call.

  • Toll-Free On Net e-Dialing

    Calls to a business that require contact center attention can be easily transferred to the right skill group or group of agents. Conversely, calls to the contact center can be transferred to UC users without incurring additional toll charges.

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98% of people believe customer experience is crucial for their business to retain customers.

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Access to Experts

  • Consolidated directory of subject matter experts
  • Identify users by department
  • “At-a-glance" directory providing presence information
  • Agents can talk with back office experts directly

Smooth Call Transitions

  • Automatically redirect general calls to the contact center
  • Redirect to the correct skill groups in the contact center
  • Toll-free on-net calling, conferencing, and transfers

Multiple Ways to Talk

  • Toll free on-net calling
  • Click-to-call
  • Conference
  • Transfer calls

The integration with Five9 and Zoom Phone has helped our agents respond to our customers’ needs much quicker.

Resources To Help You Get Started

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Five9 UC Integration with Zoom Phone

Integrate with Zoom Phone to enable agents to quickly and easily resolve customer questions or consult with experts seamlessly.

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Five9 UC Integration with Microsoft Teams

Integrate with Microsoft Teams to enable agents to quickly and easily resolve customer questions or consult with experts seamlessly.

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