Voci Transcribe powered by Five9 VoiceStream

Unlock valuable insights found in audio data with Voci Transcribe’s speech-to-text technology and services.

Product Details

Easily connect partners and customers to VoiceStream via Voci Transcribe and gain access to fully-featured real-time and post-call capabilities like gender, emotion, punctuation, redaction, telephony metadata, custom JSON, custom data delivery, and more.

Real-Time Transcription:

The Voci Engine was designed from the ground up to enable real-time analytics.  Every utterance is final and ready for analysis.  The data can be customized for your specific application such as automated data validation and entry, next best action, agent coaching, sales coaching, fraud detection, and more.

Post-Call Transcription:

Full call transcripts are available moments after the call completes for post call analytics and/or archiving.  A copy of the audio file is also available and can be redacted of PCI-based numbers if desired. The audio file can be transcoded into any format desired and stored on low cost storage systems.

Compliance & PCI Redaction:

Manage compliance risk by detecting and redacting PCI data in real-time and/or post-call, proactively managing potential threats, ensuring requirements are being met.

Feature-Rich Capabilities Voci:

Transcribe offers a robust out-of-the-box feature set, including: redaction, emotion, gender, basic sentiment, and supports industry-specific custom models and multiple languages (US, EU, AU, UK English / US & Mex Spanish / Fre, Ger, Ita, and more coming soon).

Multiple Deployment Options:

VoiceStream integration is easy with Voci Transcribe and is capable of multiple deployment options including: Voci hosted, Partner hosted, and Customer hosted. See the diagrams below.




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