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Our company, Ingeniería Informática, S. A., belongs to Grupo IISA, a cluster of companies with high efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of innovative digital products and services, developed to transform the business processes of our customers.

We have a track record of more than 30 years, providing innovative strategic solutions that drive business success, using as a platform technology and digital mobility solutions applied to the global economy. 

Among our wide range of products are a specialized factory of intelligent collection solutions, data science and business intelligence, through CRM, ERP, AI, Mobile, chatbot, contact centers (Five 9) and Microsoft collaboration platforms.

We also specialize in delivering expert consulting services, so that your company gets the most out of each of the products we distribute.

We are headquartered in Panama City, but our excellence and prestige have also allowed us to bring our products and services to companies and institutions of the highest profile in Central America and the Caribbean.