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Unify Salesforce Service Cloud Voice BYOT and Five9

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice BYOT leverages core telephony controls by blending seamlessly within the Salesforce Omni-Channel widget for intelligent CX. Reduce the learning curve and empower agents to focus on customers rather than the technology.

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Delivering Superior Experiences Together

Service Cloud Voice BYOT and Five9 combine the power of Five9 telephony seamlessly within the Salesforce Omni-Channel widget to capture every customer interaction. With this integrated solution, enable agents to increase productivity and improve customer service interactions. 

Through the Service Cloud Voice environment, agents receive inbound screen pops, the ability to search for previous interactions, and call logging. They no longer need to switch between applications.

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Improve Efficiency and Enhance CX

  • Integrated Agent Desktop

    Seamlessly integrated into your Salesforce Service Cloud platform, the Five9 solution provides agents with powerful call controls for inbound, outbound, and blended calls, plus campaigns, in a single environment.

  • Engaging Self-Service

    Deliver intuitive answers to frequently asked questions and solve routine customer needs to free up live agents for more complex calls, empowering them to provide value where it’s needed most.

  • Powerful Outbound Dialer

    Help improve sales performance and boost agent productivity with support for multiple outbound dialer capabilities, including predictive, power, progressive, and TCPA manual-touch mode.

  • Embedded Supervisor Interface

    Simplify the ability for supervisors to monitor and communicate with agents, while helping them develop their agents’ skills through observation and guidance.

Resources To Help You Get Started

Data Sheet

Five9 for Service Cloud Voice BYOT

Combine the power of Five9 telephony seamlessly within the Salesforce Omni-Channel widget to provide a single, intuitive user interface and capture every customer interaction.


Why Integrate Salesforce and Your Contact Center

Integrating Salesforce and Five9 empowers you to deliver a more human customer experience though a single-pane customer service and sales platform.


Increase Business Agility with Cloud CRM Integrations

Customer loyalty and revenue are at stake more than ever when interacting with your customer service organization.