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Agent Scripting

Call Center Scripts Deliver Consistent Messages to Callers

Five9 provides a flexible system for agent call center scripting that allows administrators to easily define a series of worksheet questions and agent-entered responses that will help the agents work through a predictable, branching conversation that meets your service and sales expectations. Additionally, all of the agent-entered information is associated with the call and contact and is available via reports. You can also create custom HTML and JavaScript-based agent scripts that present contact and call information efficiently, maximizing agent productivity. Our cloud-based platform means that your call center scripting solutions are at your fingertips, 24/7 and without the hassle of maintaining an additional IT setup just for call center scripting software. Use reports for management tasks, training activities, and deciding on allocation of resources in keeping with call volume. Our call center scripting software puts the power in your hands.

Cloud-Based Platform Agent Scripting

Cloud-Based Platform

Five9's cloud-based platform allows your agents to have access to scripting solutions 24/7. Maximize productivity by creating custom HTML and JavaScript-based agent scripts that present contact and call information efficiently.

Capable Agents Call Center Script

Capable Agents

By implementing our easy-to-use call scripting solutions, agents with all different levels of experience will be able to improve customer satisfaction. Increase your sales revenue and lower agent training costs by purchasing our scripting solutions.

Increase Call Center Agent Productivity & Sales Revenue

By using agent call scripting to ensure consistent call handling even among less-experienced agents, you will enjoy improved customer satisfaction, increased sales revenues, and lower agent training costs. Use our call center scripts to maintain a professional image at all times, whether you’re addressing inbound or outbound calls, from the small business to enterprise level; your agents will have the tools they need to identify and resolve callers’ issues promptly and during the first contact. You can develop scripts for any type of call need; our software walks you through the process every time. Learning how to use our scripts is also easy for your agents; there’s no exhaustive training that’s going to eat into your staff development budget or take your agents away from answering calls for a long period of time.

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