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Call Center Statistics

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Every call center relies on call center statistics to measure performance; however, in many cases, metrics are unreliable and outdated. Frequently, information used to make daily operational decisions is pieced together from historical reports from multiple systems. Our application provides everything you need for a clear overall picture. With Five9, you can gain personal insight and thoroughly review and measure the performance of your agents. It’s important to frequently review statistics in order to make sure your call center is functioning at its best. Closely monitoring statistics allows management to identify potential problems before they develop and reward those who consistently perform well.

Historical Reporting

Historical Reporting

Tailor reports to your unique needs and stay up-to- date on contact center metrics. Share information easily with key stakeholders using report scheduling, FTP, and sharing.

Real-Time Reporting

Real-Time Reporting

Monitor the contact center, manage agents and queues, and accelerate responses to changing conditions. See what’s happening in real-time whether your agents are nearby or across the world.

Supervisor Application

Supervisor Application

Five9’s Supervisor App for iPad enables supervisors to manage agents from anywhere. View real-time statistics, chat with agents and supervisors, and keep operational control at your fingertips.

Integrated Real-Time Information

By leveraging the integrated and consistent real-time information available from the Five9 Virtual Call Center Suite, supervisors can monitor call center statistics and performance against customer service goals, personalize their views and alerts, and view real-time information in an Excel dashboard. The Five9 Supervisor application provides a comprehensive selection of real-time call center statistics for inbound and outbound call centers that each user can choose to include in their interface. Statistics are available for agents, ACD queues, campaigns, lists, and more. When advanced charting and data transformation capabilities are desired, users can create tailored Excel dashboards that refresh in real time. With our real-time monitoring and reporting features, you can customize your alarms, quickly identify problems, or easily join calls with “silent,” “whisper,” or “barge in” options.

We understand that every business is different, which is why Five9 provides our users with several advanced customization options. Managers can completely customize report templates, grouping, data columns, time periods, and filtering/sorting. These options make it easy for you to find the up-to-date information that you need on a daily basis. You can even share this vital information using our FTP, report scheduling, and sharing features! 

Armed with the most current information about your call center, you will operate more effectively by optimizing performance according to the metrics that are important to you. Visit us online or call 1-800-553-8159 to speak to one of our customer service representatives and see a free demo.

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Solution Brief: Reporting

Find out how Five9 can help you monitor and measure key contact center statistics while developing operational insights for process improvement. The Five9 Reporting solution delivers both real-time and historical insights based on contact center best practices.

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Datasheet: Supervisor App for iPad

Five9 Supervisor App for iPad gives contact center supervisors the ability to monitor real-time statistics and performance with personalzied views, set threshold alerts, and join live call--from anywhere. 

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