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Maintain Contact History for a Complete Customer View

One of the leading sources of customer frustration with call centers is a prevailing impression that the call center agents do not know enough about the customer and their recent interactions with the company. Such negative impressions can lead to customer attrition and lost market share. Additionally, when customers are required to repeat information or explain previous interactions, it frustrates them and diminishes agent productivity. We have developed contact database software that will end customer frustration by providing a contacts database to available agents. Our online contact database makes it easy to retain and retrieve customer history with little to no training. In fact, it requires no more than signing in and making or receiving the call. Call us to see a free demo and discover all of the other professional cloud management features offered with our unique interface today!

Satisfied Customers

Satisfied Customers

By using our contact database software, your agents will consistently make positive impressions with customers. Our software makes it easy for agents to retain and retrieve customer history with just the click of a button.

Holistic Customer Profiles

Holistic Customer Profiles

We know how frustrating it can be for both the customer, and the agents when the customer feels overlooked by a company and its agents. With our contact database application, your agents will have all of the necessary resources for personalized service.

End Customer Frustration with Contact Database Software

Five9 is built to ensure that call centers of all sizes can retain customer contact information and avoid customer frustration through a contacts database. Whether your call center is inbound, outbound, or blended, the Five9 Virtual Call Center Suite includes a database of contacts for your company that all agents can access and update as they interact with your customers using our contact database software. Each call for a contact is readily available, along with any call notes entered by the agent from the contact management database. Agents can look up contacts, view recent contacts, add scheduled callbacks, and click to dial the customer directly from their contact info, accessed through the contact database management software. 

With the Five9 Contact History Database, you will ensure that every interaction with your customers is captured and available for every agent in your call center. Your agents will be more productive, and your customers will be more satisfied with their call center experience. Our online contact database empowers your agents with the right information to make your customers feel appreciated. Call us today and put all of the relevant customer information at your agents’ fingertips when they deliver the call.

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Learn how you can get all the benefits of feature-rich, on-premise systems with none of the hassle using the Five9 Blended Cloud Contact Center with Active Blending. 

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