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Modernizing Contact Centers with Personalized Customer Experiences
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The Rise of Consumer Power
Modern consumers expect to be able to engage with businesses on the channel of their choice, whether it’s in email, a phone call or a video chat. True service differentiation requires businesses to recognize the demands of today’s omnichannel consumer and requires a fully integrated approach across the entire customer journey. Five9 Summer Release 2016 is leading the charge to modernize contact centers and enable businesses to harness the true power of today’s omnichannel approach to create powerful and personalized experiences for the end consumer.
Omnichannel Experiences

A true omnichannel experience removes the information silos and enables a seamless customer conversation with your brand. The Five9 Summer Release 2016 empowers customers to engage using the channel of their choice and includes powerful web and video capabilities leveraging WebRTC in addition to new SMS and mobile capabilities. Along with new channel hopping and escalation features, businesses are empowered to create true consumer-centric omnichannel experiences.

Personalized Service

Delivering the modern experience that today’s consumers are accustomed to requires providers to be proactive, predictive and fully aware of the entire customer journey. With the Five9 Summer Release 2016, businesses can leverage the power of predictive analytics to shape the journey and proactively engage with customers at crucial moments in the interaction. By leveraging seamless integration with essential systems like CRM, UC, and other data sources including proprietary systems, businesses are able to take advantage of their ability to engage proactively and work in concert with other systems in real time to deliver a truly personalized experience.

Customer Journey Insights

Five9 Summer Release 2016 includes a new predictive web analytics platform that enables businesses to be proactive and predictive about how and when to engage with customers in real-time. Businesses are now able to shape the customer journey and employ data to quickly match the customer with the best agent across all channels enabling dynamic insight and perspective into your customer’s interests and pain points so the agent is ready with the right information at the moment of engagement.

Five9 Agent Desktop Plus

Boost your agent productivity, reduce training costs, and see your customer satisfaction scores skyrocket. With web-based browser access, an intuitive design, and unified omnichannel history, this agent desktop is simply smart.

Adapter for Salesforce

Salesforce + Five9: Better Together

Our updated adapter allows you to leverage your investment in Salesforce. Work in the familiar Salesforce desktop, while leveraging the power of Five9 to enrich omnichannel interactions. Enhanced and optimized for both Sales and Service Cloud, the adapter offers single sign-on, providing a seamless experience with Salesforce.


  • Embedded call controls using console view
  • Built on Open CTI
  • Integrated with Salesforce Knowledge
  • Leverages Five9 Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enrich customer insights


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Integrate with Microsoft Skype for Business

The new Five9 integration to Microsoft Skype for Business leverages your unified communication solution to extend agents reach to knowledge workers outside the contact center. Five9 agents can now collaborate seamlessly with Skype for Business users using common address directories, synchronized availability, call states, and telephony integration.

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Microsoft + Five9: Better Together

The Five9 Plus Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides computer telephony integration (CTI) directly to the Dynamics CRM desktop giving service and sales organizations the ability to interact with their customers via blended (inbound/outbound) channels.

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Zendesk + Five9: Better Together

The Five9 Adapter for Zendesk creates a single, simple, powerful solution for Zendesk agents to serve their customers. Agents manage tickets and enjoy the powerful features of the Five9 Virtual Contact Center -- all from the Zendesk workspace.

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