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Launch a Digital Workforce Powered by Conversational AI

Digital Workforce Datasheet Screenshot

Growing numbers of businesses are using conversational AI and intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) to automate service tasks.

It’s getting more common – and easier – for companies to build and launch IVAs that leverage advanced speech technologies to deliver conversational self-service.

Artificial intelligence and natural language processing make it possible for IVAs to ask open-ended questions like, “How can I help you today?” for an improved customer experience over IVR systems that provide only limited options (“press or say one for sales, press or say two for service”).

Five9 published a report in partnership with CRM Magazine titled, “Reimagine CX with a Conversational Digital Workforce.” In it, you’ll learn:

  • How natural language processing enables you to leverage a digital workforce
  • Detailed guidance on building a natural language call steering IVA application
  • Measuring the success of an IVA solution

Download the Data Sheet