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Introducing GenAI Studio: Click-to-Customize Generative AI for Your Contact Center

On-Demand Webinar


Jonathan Rosenberg

Chief Technology Officer and Head of AI, Five9

Santosh Kulkarni

Sr. Director Product Management, Five9

Sarika Prasad

Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Five9

In today's dynamic landscape, GenAI has emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing every facet of customer engagement. However, these features often come with predefined models and prompts that may not fully align with your organization's unique needs or customer base.

Five9 introduces GenAI Studio, a transformative platform that unlocks the full potential of GenAI and delivers personalized customer interactions. GenAI Studio is a centralized hub for building, deploying, and testing GenAI-powered applications, offering unparalleled customization, greater control, flexibility, and responsible AI.

In this webinar, we'll cover: 

  • Why contextual data is the new gold for building GenAI models  

  • Improving prompt effectiveness with dynamic integration with metadata

  • Customizing Five9 AI Summaries with GenAI Studio

  • Leveraging the engine agnostic layer to use trusted models and data 

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