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Chelsea Fisher

How Social Distancing is Creating Virtual Intimacy

My how things have changed and are changing, literally every five minutes. As many of us are now working from home, there’s been a shift. Social distancing is creating virtual intimacy.

The Inevitability Of What Can Happen When You Work From Home

As a remote worker, I have always conducted most of my meetings from my home office. With years of expertise of video meetings going unexpectedly awry and how to handle these moments, today I am sharing a few stories of how to manage these inevitabilities – and perhaps a few laughs too!

What Was WFH Due To COVID-19 Is Now WFH Permanently

A new trend is quickly emerging as we all navigate a world that seemingly changes every five minutes. What was once “We sent our workforce home because of COVID-19” is now “Hmmmm…. that’s working out better than expected, we’ll leave our workforce at home, permanently.”

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