A Perfect Fit: Helping organizations of all sizes reach their strategic goals by providing better insight into one of your most valuable enterprise resources – the contact center

Product Details

The Five9 virtual Contact Center (VCC) is deeply integrated with the Verint suite and offered as a core part of the Five9 service out of the Five9 cloud. This allows for simpler, more elegant experiences and minimal overhead, allowing you to get up and running quickly. Whether your team is small or large, Five9 WFO, powered by Verint, scales to your needs and grows with you.

Best in Class

Five9 and Verint provide a best-in-class, comprehensive contact center and WFO solution in the cloud.

Workforce Optimization (WFO)

Five9 WFO includes Call Recording, Quality Management, Workforce Management, Performance Management, Speech Analytics, and Advanced Desktop Analytics – that transforms the contact center into a customer engagement center and a valuable source of customer insight.

Workforce Management (WFM)

Five9 WFM provides unified applications designed specifically to help organizations gain visibility into the work they perform, the activities of people who perform it, and the processes used to accomplish it.

Quality Management (QM)
with Speech Analytics

Using Speech Analytics as part of your Quality Management practices can help companies focus on statistically relevant agent or customer issues. While traditional quality management can help, it can miss key insights or over correct for statistically insignificant issues.

Performance Management

Performance Management helps you make better data-driven decisions to protect and grow your business.



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Additional Documentation

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