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Simplicity for the User. Rich Functionality for the Enterprise.

Five9 ACD software is designed so that any business user can configure it, yet it has all the sophisticated routing features any enterprise requires.

ACD In The Cloud

The Right Resource at the Right Time, Every Time

Design highly responsive customer service, using the intelligent routing capabilities of Five9 Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) cloud software. In an instant, Five9 interprets call variables for dynamic routing, making decisions for agent selection based on the business objectives of your enterprise and the conditions in your contact center.

Design Optimal Routing Strategies

Create virtually any routing scenario and do it in as little as an hour. With Five9, you get all the routing tools you need for your contact center, so you can achieve better business outcomes. And, you don’t need to be a techie to do it. Whether it’s one or a combination of routing strategies, the intuitive administrator interface makes set up effortless and on-the-fly changes easy.

No Borders, No Boundaries

The Five9 solution is location agnostic—whether you have one contact center, multi-site contact center operations, or distributed, at-home, or branch-office agents. It routes to agents wherever they are located and finds the best agent with the optimal skills matched to the specific customer need and the business rules you specify.

All your agents need is an Internet connection, a headset, and a computer—no other hardware is required. Supervisors can also be located anywhere with complete, real-time visibility into agents' status and full control over quality and performance from anywhere in the world.

Five9 software provides an effective path to centralize contact center operations even with a decentralized workforce. You can quickly bring agents online in response to traffic volume or seasonal peaks.

ACD Systems

ACD Features

Skills-Based Routing is the heart of the Five9 Automatic Call Distribution, ensuring customers are directed to the right queue and the best agent resource for first-contact resolution.

Real-Time Active Blending adjusts contact center traffic call-by-call to keep customer satisfaction levels high—always prioritizing inbound customer service calls in blended environments by automatically moving outbound agents to inbound queues.

Conditional Routing provides flexibility to make context-based, time-of-day routing decisions that anticipate the varying conditions within your customer service center.

Distribution Algorithms define how the software selects the next agent for call delivery, based on factors such as the agent queue time, minimum calls handled, highest volume thresholds, least-occupied, or round-robin distribution.

Data-Driven Routing supports more personalized customer routing decisions through accessing customer data within the Five9 system or external data sources, such as an enterprise customer database.

Customer Segmentation Routing prioritizes high-value customers and moves them ahead in the queue for special treatment. 

Queue Callback Routing gives your customers the option to receive an agent callback when their position arrives to the front of the queue.

Web Callback Routing automates routing of online inquires so your organization can quickly capitalize on the lead potential with an immediate callback.

Last Agent Routing delivers knowledgeable support, particularly for case management, by reconnecting customers to the same agent that previously provided support.

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Five9 offers everything you expect in a feature-rich, premise-based Automatic Call Distribution solution with none of the hassles you get with legacy systems. Leverage the intelligent routing of the Five9 ACD in the cloud to provide highly-responsive customer service.

What is ACD

ACD Systems Explained

Automated Call Distribution systems are used for distributing phone calls and other contact types to contact center agents and employees at a business. Typically, Automated Call Distribution software is used when there are high volumes of calls that require sophisticated routing rules to determine the most appropriate person to handle each call.

As an increasing number of interactions processed by contact centers originate from channels such as email, chat, web collaboration, SMS, and social media, the scope of ACD solutions now extends well beyond phone calls. This unified routing of different contact types within a single platform is often referred to as Universal Queue or Multichannel Routing in the contact center industry.

While traditional Automated Call Distribution software is deployed on-premise at a company's office location(s), hosted or cloud software is also available and is gaining wider adoption.