Five9 Genius:
Practical AI for the Contact Center

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Leverage Artificial Intelligence for Personalized Customer Experiences

Five9 GeniusTM brings the power of AI to the contact center to create personalized customer experiences. It does this through contextual and intelligent routing and by delivering richer insights and guidance to the agent.  Genius includes capabilities designed to help organizations personalize each and every customer experience.

Five9 Genius uses unstructured data from emails, chats and other data channels to derive customer intent. Genius includes real-time natural language processing, business rules, and AI open connectors to create more intelligent routing and agent guidance while utilizing AI investments in other parts of the business.

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Intelligent Routing

Predict customer intent, derived through NLP from unstructured data such as information entered into a search bar, along with customer insights including history of past interactions from the CRM system and other data sources to drive routing and take the best, next, appropriate action.

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Agent Guidance

Prior to engaging directly with the customer, the agent is provided not only with information on the customer relationship and history, but also given specific guidance on the next best action resulting in a quick and pleasant interaction for the customer.

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Video: AI-Driven Workflow for the Digital Enterprise

Watch how a powerful single workflow engine leverages multiple data sources and drives intelligent omnichannel routing of customer interactions. Regardless of the channel, Five9 Genius can provide agent guidance on customer journey and next steps for an amazing and personalized customer experience.

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