The Back to Business Challenge: How Contact Centers Can Thrive in the New Work Environment

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Join our webinar to learn about top priorities your contact center needs to thrive in the new work environment.

Blair Pleasant

President & Principal Analyst of COMMfusion LLC

Michael Rose

Senior Director, Brand & Corporate Communications of Five9

Around the world, executives are experiencing similar challenges in the contact center.

While the pandemic is creating high demand for call center services, organizations are facing significant increases in customer churn and agent unemployment, preventing customers from getting help at a time they most need it. Therefore, it is critical for contact centers to start strategizing their business recovery plan now in order to hit the ground running when it’s time to get back to business.

Join Contact Center Analyst, Blair Pleasant, and Michael Rose, podcast host of That’s Genius!, to learn about top priorities your contact center needs to thrive in the new work environment.

Join us to learn:

    • Top contact center priorities to implement during and after the crisis

    • How to reengage customers and win back their trust

    • Key customer service findings that are more relevant than ever

According to a study conducted by the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council, 73% of businesses do not have a Business Continuity Plan in place. Business continuity ensures that critical business systems are always operational, however, the current crisis has left little time to plan. Even top the teams weren’t ready for this disruption and it’s imperative your contact center stays up and running regardless of its physical location. In an on-demand webinar, join Malcom Palin, Area Director of Professional Services at Five9 and Ellen Willmott, President and COO at Work Connect Project, to learn how the Five9 team rapidly assisted them in implementing their Contact Center, getting it up and running in 48 hours.

On-Demand Webinar

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