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Ask the Experts: Take the Sting Out of Environment Testing with Five9 Razor

On-Demand Webinar

Travis Kerns

Travis Kerns

Manager, Customer Quality Assurance
Erin Wilson

Erin Wilson

Director, Technical Marketing

We all know the CX technology eco-system is vast. So how do you ensure all the parts are working well together to deliver the best customer experience. Join us to learn how you can identify broken IVR segments and dead-end call flows, create test scripts, and diagnose issues across your CX landscape via the new user-friendly testing solution: Five9 Razor. 

Five9 Customer QA Manager Travis Kerns and Five9 Director of Technical Marketing Erin Wilson will discuss several use cases that will help you ensure your Five9 domain is performing as intended and ensure your tech eco-system is working for you not against you.  

Check out this webinar to learn how to:  

  • Test in-country calls across 80+ countries to help global scalability  
  • Schedule monitoring tests & set up monitoring alerts to help troubleshoot faster   
  • Create multiple test scenarios to ensure complete coverage  

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