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AI & Automation in the Contact Center: How Leading Firms Use Intelligent CX to Drive Success

On-Demand Webinar


Omer Minkara

Vice President & Principal Analyst, Aberdeen

Sarika Prasad

Senior Product Marketing Manager, AI and Automation, Five9

AI is all the craze when it comes to planned technology investments. Aberdeen’s latest CX research shows that it represents the top technology contact center and CX leaders plan to invest in 2023. However, savvy business leaders also know that simply adding technology is not sufficient to transform business activities and results. For that, firms must use relevant strategies to get the most out of technology. This is where intelligent CX comes in: it transforms traditional, one-size-fits-all type customer interactions to next-generation hyper-personalized interactions. Join this webinar to learn:

  • The Role of Intelligent CX in the Contact Center
  • How Contact Centers Use AI & Automation
  • Building Blocks to Get the Most Out of AI & Automation
  • How to Maximize Agent Empowerment for Intelligent CX
  • Real-Life Success Stories

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