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How to Manage Stress and Promote Well-Being in the Contact Center

On-Demand Webinar


Julie Derybowski

Vice President, KAR Global Contact Center

Kendall Fulton

Marketing Manager

Mental health is a critical aspect of overall well-being, and it's especially important for contact center agents who often deal with high-stress and demanding situations. Supporting your agents' mental health not only benefits them personally, but it can also improve their job performance and satisfaction.

In this webinar, we'll discuss the importance of addressing mental health in the contact center and how it can lead to better outcomes for both your agents and your business. We'll also cover career pathing for agents, including how to provide opportunities for growth and development within your organization.

By attending this webinar, you'll gain valuable insights and practical tips for supporting your agents' mental health and advancing their careers. Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your contact center and help your agents thrive. Register now!

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