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WEM Trends to Improve your Employee Experience

On-Demand Webinar

Juanita Coley

Juanita Coley

CEO & Founder, Solid Rock Consulting
Jon Anderson

Jon Anderson

Sr Director, Product Marketing, Five9

Join us as we sit down with Juanita Coley, CEO & Founder of Solid Rock Consulting, and chat about all things WEM and why companies should never neglect their employee experience.

We will explore the synergy between Workforce Management (WFM), Workforce Engagement Management (WEM), and Workforce Optimization (WFO). Learn how these concepts enhance employee engagement and satisfaction, leading to improved customer experiences. Gain practical insights into successful WEM implementation, including leveraging technology, fostering open communication, and cultivating a positive workplace culture.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Insights into successful WEM implementation
  • Trends and statistics on employee engagement
  • Strategies for fostering a positive workplace culture
  • The correlation between employee and customer experience

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