NexRep Success Story


NexRep has become a powerhouse in the highly competitive world of virtual contact centers that utilize 100 percent at-home agents. For the past eight years, Five9 has been a key driver behind its success. 

Company Background

Based in Portland, Maine, NexRep is a sales-driven call center specializing in direct response marketing for businesses, including hair salon chain Drybar, prominent direct retailer Tristar Products (HealthMaster, Flex~Able Hose, Genie Bra), and clothing and household retailer Orchard Brands (Appleseed’s). Unlike conventional call centers, NexRep recruits, contracts, and certifies sales agents who work from home. The company provides inbound and outbound calls in addition to call center consulting, scriptwriting, agent certification and development, database and list management, and revenue enhancement programs.

Approximately 400 NexRep agents located in 35+ US states handle hundreds of thousands of calls every week, and just over 60 percent of the company’s calls are outbound sales and marketing contacts. NexRep conducts a wide array of campaigns for its clients, ranging from retail sales and customer service to appointment setting.

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