Five9 Adapter for Salesforce

What is It? 

By uniting the Five9 cloud contact center with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud solutions, Five9 provides a single- pane customer sales and service platform that enables agents to focus on the customer experience. Organizations using the combined solution improve customer satisfaction, increase agent engagement, increase sales, and drive inefficiencies out of the business. 

One Platform for a Seamless Experience 

Five9 delivers customer intent and journey context, even starting a Lightning Flow, giving agents a complete picture of each problem before they engage the customer. Five9 also puts the customer’s entire contact history at the agent’s fingertips, so they can better understand the customer’s needs and better fulfill their expectations. 

Single-Pane Agent Solution 

The Five9 Plus Adapter for Salesforce combines contact center controls with the Salesforce solution to provide a single environment for agents to help customers. Agents no longer have to switch between applications and Salesforce to engage the customer and meet their needs. 

Single-Pane Supervisor Solution 

Five9 embeds key supervisor capabilities into Salesforce making it easy for admins and supervisors to play an active role in the quality of ongoing operations with agents. Supervisors can now configure events such as time on break or monitor agents in calls and launch the entire Five9 supervisor desktop for more involved situations.