Five9 Adapter for ServiceNow

Creating a seamless workflow for your agents allows them to focus on what matters most: the customer experience. The ability to engage with customers through voice, email, and chat—all within a single desktop—is a key strategy for success.

The Five9 Adapter for ServiceNow combines contact center controls with the ServiceNow solution to provide a single environment for agents to help customers. This single-pane customer service environment enables your agents to focus on the customer experience, rather than struggling to find customer information on multiple screens.

Read this data sheet to learn:

  • How the integration transforms customer experiences into customer trust and loyalty
  • How to use the integration to route customer interactions to the right resource – anywhere in the world
  • The Five9 Adapter for ServiceNow features and how they can improve your contact center’s operations

Five9 Adapter for ServiceNow Datasheet Screenshot

Download Datasheet: Five9 Adapter for ServiceNow