Five9 Workforce Management (WFM)

Five9 Workforce Management integrates with the Five9 platform for effective, efficient staff scheduling. The results are lower costs, smoother operations, and happier agents. 

Staffing in the Cloud

Leveraging the power of the Five9® Virtual Contact Center, Five9 Workforce Management allows clients to run staffing tasks in the cloud environment.

With Five9 Workforce Management, contact center administrators can manage agent requests for time off, vacations, and preferred schedules and make adjustments through drag-and-drop scheduling tools and broadcasts. Administrators can also plan for special events, view the availability of individual agents on certain days, and identify the best times to hold meetings based on call volume and agent availability factors. And when schedules change for the entire staff or an individual agent, Five9 software automatically notifies the different parties.

Workforce Management features include:

  • Forecasting—Identify trends and predict future call volumes and agent staff level requirements
  • Scheduling—Optimize costs by creating agent schedules based on forecasted headcount and call volume
  • Adherence—Monitor how well agents stick to schedules in real time and make adjustments