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[PODCAST] 3 Big Changes for Contact Centers w/ Paul Liljenquist

That's Genius!

Imagine playing in a basketball game with no scoreboard, no clock. Maybe you’d work really hard at first to beat the other team, but there’s no way of knowing how your hard work is paying off.

You know you’ve made some baskets… but how many? How much time is left? Are you even winning? Are your plays working?

You can see how it’d be pretty frustrating to be a player with no scoreboard or clock.

That’s how Paul Liljenquist describes contact center agents working with no real-time dashboard. I invited Paul, President of ClearView, to join me on That’s Genius!

He compares the power of dashboarding to the importance of a scoreboard in a basketball game. Pretty essential, right? 

It keeps the players and fans engaged in the game. It motivates the teams to perform better. So, why don’t your agents have access to a dashboard yet?

To hear our whole conversation, click here.