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Workforce Optimization Product and Market Report

Workforce Optimization Product and Market Report

Most enterprises understand that they’re increasingly competing on the ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences. To help provide these great experiences, they're investing in contact center initiatives like workforce optimization (WFO) to more effectively engage agents and improve customer service.  

Industry leaders have driven numerous innovations over the past decade that have significantly improved the capabilities and benefits of WFO suites. As a result, enterprises are achieving greater agent and customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention. The next frontier for WFO promises even more advancements as businesses leverage technologies such as AI to further refine their customer care experience. 

In this special report sponsored by Five9, DMG Consulting evaluates WFO suites, trends, and predictions to help you navigate this market and choose the right WFO solution for your contact center 

Read the report to learn: 

  • How investing in a contact center WFO solution can help meet customers’ heightened expectations 

  • Which 13 modules are included in best-in-class WFO suites 

  • 2020 WFO trends in contact centers and what to expect by 2030 

  • The top 15 examples of how AI technology is being leveraged for WFO today and how AI will transform contact center WFO in the next 10 years 

  • What the future holds for the 12 primary IT segments of the WFO market over the next five years

Workforce Optimization Product and Market Report