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Executive Webinar: What's Next For Customer Communications

Five9 Zoom Executive Webinar

Businesses have been forced to adapt to a new paradigm in which remote work is the “new normal”.

Organizations worldwide are re-evaluating their remote work policies, with an emphasis on creating turnkey business continuity strategies to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees. As they are enabling their teams with effective communication tools, contact center and collaboration technologies are at the forefront of this shift. So, what’s next for unified collaboration and cloud communications as organizations look ahead to a return to normalcy?

In an on-demand executive roundtable webinar, Rowan Trollope, CEO of Five9 and Eric S. Yuan, CEO of ZOOM, discuss the accelerated adoption of cloud communications and how it will change the future of our work environment.

Join our on-demand executive webinar to learn:

  • Why cloud-based solutions are more relevant than ever
  • Tips to prepare for a new business environment
  • The future of remote work environments

Video: Five9 Zoom Executive Webinar