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Demo Webinar: Gain More Customer Insights with Interaction Analytics 

WFO Demo

Customers provide valuable information every day, you just might not know it. Competitive intelligence, messaging feedback, campaign performance, and product feedback data are often hidden among your contact center interactions. If you can’t identify, access, and share this data, your organization misses an opportunity to better learn from and serve your customers and agents. 

According to Gartner 72% of CX leaders report that their organizations still do not fully understand what drives their customers’ behaviors and attitudes, despite their access to data. 

If you want to learn how to unlock the power of the data in your contact center, this webinar is for you.  

Watch to learn:  

  • How and what to search for and how to automate your most time-consuming quality processes 
  • How to enable deeper insight into interactions by leveraging large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) technology 
  • How Five9 Interaction Analytics helps you quickly identify trends to improve service, unearth product issues, and uplevel sales and marketing efforts.

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