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How to Use AI to Improve Agent and Customer Happiness


Historically, contact center attrition rates have always been higher than other professions due to the repetitive and monotonous nature of the work (around 30-45%.) The great resignation has caused these rates to increase even more over the past few years. So how do we solve for this? 

Well, there is a common misconception that implementing AI into your contact center will eventually replace your agents. In fact, automating these tedious and repetitive tasks with AI will help your agents become more engaged. Why? Because AI and automation allow your agents to work on higher-value, more rewarding work. The result - happier agents and happier customers. In fact, did you know that 76% of IT decision-makers agree that automating more customer support tasks would benefit their workforce? 

In this live, in-person discussion, our speakers will explore the critical link between implementing AI into your contact center and creating happier, more productive agents, helping you beat the attrition problem and create a more engaged and sustainable workforce.  

Join this webinar to learn: 

  • How AI can be leveraged to improve agent engagement 
  • How increasing agent engagement and happiness creates greater customer loyalty  
  • How AI and automation are changing the game for workforce optimization solutions