The Future is Now: Creating an Intelligent Cloud Contact Center to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

The Cloud is Key to Digital Era CX 

If you’re already operating a cloud contact center, you may skip this section and jump to the Intelligent Cloud Contact Center below. But, if you’re still on-prem and starting to wonder and envision just what a cloud contact center could do for you, here are some things to consider. 

Today’s consumers are loyal not to organizations, but to the experience they have – moment by moment – with an organization. That means loyalty is always based on the present experience. 

Dimension Data reports that 88 percent of companies believe customer experience (CX) is a competitive differentiator...

The Intelligent Cloud Contact Center 

An intelligent cloud contact center allows you to unlock customer insights and intelligence that reside in various systems across your organization to consistently provide extraordinary experiences your customers will love. 

It is made up of several components that, combined, truly set intelligent cloud contact centers apart. While every intelligent cloud contact center is different, they all embody the following characteristics: