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Nicole Friedrich

3 Gründe, uns auf dem Contact Center Summit zu besuchen!

Sie werden die Gelegenheit haben, die neuesten Trends im Bereich Contact Center Technologien zu entdecken und zu erfahren, wie die Technologie von Five9 Unternehmen dabei hilft, die von Kunden erwarteten Erfahrungen zu liefern und wie sie Ihre Agenten motiviert und unterstützt. 

[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] 3 Reasons Why a Modern Omnichannel Strategy is Crucial for Today’s New Customer Service Landscape

As we continue to navigate uncertainty in this new era of customer service, here are 3 reasons that summarize why modernizing your omnichannel solution has never been more important:

3 Tips to help Stay Ahead of Customer Expectations in 2021

Thanks to technology, CX professionals have the tools available to overcome these challenges for a successful new year. Here are 3 tips to help you stay ahead of new consumer demands in 2021:

[WEBINAR] 3 Ways to Engage Your Work-From-Home Agent Workforce: Stay Connected with Your Customers

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt industries worldwide and create high pressure for customer service agents, keeping your work-from-home agents engaged and connected with your customers has never been more critical.

5 Omnichannel Lessons Learned the Hard Way

You just found discounted flights to your exciting summer destination. It may be taking a snooze on the white sand beaches of Hawaii or discovering ancient ruins in Greece. Regardless of the destination, you quickly book your flight in order to claim your discount.

5 Security Myths Debunked: Steps to Protect Customer Data in the Remote Era

The remote work era has introduced new cybersecurity challenges and as more customer service agents continue to work from home (WFH), protecting your customers’ sensitive data has never been more crucial.

Cybersecurity & The Remote Workforce: Protect Your Customers’ Data from Anywhere

Cybersecurity professionals had little time to plan during the rapid and unforeseen shift to remote work environments. From spear-phishing emails to malicious websites, cyber criminals are taking advantage of remote employees’ anxieties about the pandemic and using the disruption to steal personal information.

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