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Call Center Performance

Standard Call Center Metrics

There are many standard traffic measurements (performance metrics) that can be performed on a call center to determine its performance levels. However, the most important performance measures are:

  • The average delay a caller may experience whilst waiting in a queue
  • The mean conversation time, otherwise referred to as Average Talk Time (ATT)
  • The mean dealing time, otherwise referred to as Average Handling Time (AHT - equal to ATT plus wrap-up and/or hold time)
  • The percentage of calls answered within a determined time frame (referred to as a Service Level or SL %)
  • The number of calls / inquiries per hour an agent handles (CPH or IPH).
  • The amount of time spent while an agent processes customer requests while not speaking to a customer (referred to as Not Ready time/NR, or After Call Work/ACW, or Wrap-Up.)
  • The percentage of calls which completely resolve the customer's issue (if the customer does not call back about the same problem for a certain period of time, it is considered a successful resolution or FCR - First Call Resolution).
  • The percentage of calls where a customer hangs up or "abandons" the call is often referred to as Total Calls Abandoned or Percentage of calls abandoned. Calls are often abandoned due to long hold times when a call center experiences a high call volume.
  • Percentage of time agents spend not ready to take calls, often referred to as Idle Time.
  • Quality Assurance monitored by a quality assurance (QA) team.

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